twisted inside

where have you gone? i cant find you.
you broke up with me. why?
why do i still mind?
do i love you?
you are an asshole
... but i need you
do i really need you?
times like now
but you dont need me, do you?
idk what to do...
im lost
not bc of you
bc of myself
why do i still care?
when i see you i cruble
what do u feel when you see me?
i think you feel nothing...
no love.
no pain.
no guilty.
you dont even mind when i look at you
with fury in my mind, pain in my chest and hurt in my eyes
you just dont mind
and thats your real face i think
but idk what to think
idk what to feel
and the most idk you

17.12.14 20:15


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